Monday, 8 September 2014

School Visits
This week I visited a number of schools in Wellington with the other principals from our Mt Spa Principals Association.  We visited two Intermediate schools; we were really impressed with what these schools are doing with technology. Teachers, principals and senior staff are doing many great things in our own  schools. It is always good to see how you stack up against other schools. One of the most important things that all schools are working on, and we are doing likewise, is growing student and parent understanding around "digital citizenship"

Students need to use devices responsibly and parents need to be aware of what their students are using devices to access.  At school, this is tracked through ‘Watchdog’, and ‘Teacher Dashboard’.  We know a number of students use devices at home in an unsupervised manner. It is really important that as parents you are aware of potential issues around this. Netsafe New Zealand has some excellent information for parents and whanau. Each year our school will be revisiting digital citizenship, and cybersafety.

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